Johanna Näf

Sensory Playground, Remedial Education Center in Hagendorn, 2006

The "Sensory Playground" was designed for the senses and serves as an extended educational setting for the Remedial Education Center in Hagendorn. With a concept based on the principles of remedial education and perception, the outdoor facilities were created especially for children with mental and/or multiple disabilities. The versatile, stimulating play and recreation grounds were developed in close collaboration with the artist, the architect and landscape architects, as well as an interdisciplinary team at the center..
trogPlastic loungers
trogSand and pebbled surface
trogPerforated metal bench on pebbled surface
trogCorrugated sheet metal, with alternating raised surfaces
trogWheelchair seesaw
trogWheelchair seesaw, pavilion
trogConcrete surface with water pump and mud table
trogMud table
trogPlastic drops to sit on or for play
trogSwinging footbridge to connect play areas
trogSandy surface with metal path